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live, this is kron4 news at 5:00. at less kron4 news at >> and sell in the east bay is the focus of a search for frederick collins. he is missing since saturday and possibly an addict them of half on albemarle. if >> we would really like to find him alive. >> vallejo and the other victim is charged with stockpiling. and yet another victim >> new information continues to comment about the man behind the multiple murder that spanned several cities. that man has been connected down to the murder of his girlfriend, said
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the trend has lost two of her girlfriends. at least one of her male has mates. authorities are still searching for frederick who is still missing. several areas have been combed and the search led investigators to a landfill in pittsburgh and that is where kron4 news and christine connally is stan's live. christine? >> search and rescue crews searched all day long searching for any news of frederick solace. they have less precise search went on and i know the exact acre to look for. they're looking in the landfills that are behind me and this search is over with for today but they will be back tomorrow. but is ahead enrolls some video to show us why they're here. >> and when state police found a white cadillac escalade which they found him driving in after it ricard was killed. escalade
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had been parked for some time in the north shore business park. there's no signs of frederick in the car. police did a thorough check of the park and they found no clues. the trash had already been picked up from the park and that is what led investigators to the landfill to date to look through the trash. looking to 3,000 t of trash. take a listen. >> they have a excavator to sort of material and then of visual search of that as well as with the canines. we continue to be hopeful that frederick solace is alive and well but we also have to continue to follow the lead as they come. >> as you can see search and rescue crews have showed up at the landfill. there is a bit to 25 investigators as well as volunteers. the search is over with today and they will be back. bill continues to stay
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here so they can go through all of the trash does here and had been collected for a week. they're going to go through 3,000 t of trash. they also learn today that they found frederick solaces rabbit for. police cannot say where or when they found it but they do say that they have located his car. reporting live in parts per i'm christine connolly. >> the violent tale ended in richmond tuesday night started five days earlier this, and hercules. police responded to a call from san beach ran about fight between her boyfriend and her to tendance frederick and ricardo. the officer's report to says as i walked in i saw ricardo on top of that effort on who was lying face down on the floor. he was completely naked. they took a picture of his injuries and he signed a complaint charging the two men with battery. on tuesday afternoon they found his body at
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the home. he would been beaten to death. the police it named him as a suspect. at the same time the vallejo police were discovering the bodies of two more victims in a home where he was known to frequent. hours later they say that he grabbed a train from the vallejo's want and drove off with her in her accurate. the car was spotted in pleasant hill. albemarle lets police on a high-speed police chase for 2 shot to death. this strangled body had been found in the car. the >> while the has been some of read the ball and made his first court appearance today. he was arrested when authorities discovered of explosives in his home. that was after they found the body of his wife and her friend. kron4 news is a damn crewman was there. they drive us live. >> the focus is on hand because he is one of the few people that is still alive. he has not been
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connected to the murders but because they felt the chemicals used to make explosive he is the one currently in jail. today he was arraigned. >> wearing a jail issue that gray and white jumpsuit he pleaded not guilty it to charges. the chemicals used to make explosives were found tuesday but officers discovered the decomposing bodies in his home. >> he is not done anything wrong. he is the victim in this case. >> he is not being charged in the murders and they were able to get to million-dollar bail set said he is now behind bars while the murder investigation continues. i >> do not know who killed them. i can tell you it is not my clients. there is another potential suspect that my client has told the police about. >> and fraud is the murder suspect and two other cases and it is definitely a thorn in his client side. >> even after he moved he had
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to try to get away from him. he was following him to new houses and would continue to be there, to break into houses, to go into the house is still car keys. he repeatedly sold his rights. still >> the question remains how good were in house lived in his home on mix the dead bodies. the attorney says he did not. >> i believe the bodies were put there sometimes that day. >> howdy know that? >> among other things in he filed a missing person report so it does not make sense. why would you file a missing person report and then have the body of the person you just killed in the house? >> last police about the whole idea of moving the body and it would not comment. they have not seen the autopsy report and could not comment on the possibility of moving bodies. all of this could possibly be
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conjectured. we don't know. meanwhile his bill is being reduced and there will be hearing about that on wednesday. again you we are here in july held just outside the salon and spa where it said the train used to work. this is where the vigil is being held later on this evening. reporting live in full layout line stand for kron4 news >> our coverage of the multiple murders continues online. we have every breaking detail on the story. just log on to our website. >> the temperature is much more comfortable out there today with cooler bay area wide, some places are 50 degrees cooler. in the 80s in the north bay in yesterday's here in the upper 90s. it is a 10 degree cool down there. still live in one's boss with the low 90s and there's going to be it a bit much more cooling we want to see winds ushered back in temperatures cooling down. that will continue. the fog is going down
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the coast line and back into the bay area. into tomorrow morning we will have fog and cooler temperatures. cooler and then warmer. we'll have details plus an extended forecast all coming up in just a bit. >> live look out side in the getaway. but this is san francisco, the traffic is headed to the lower deck and the bottom of your screen at a very slow pace. we will be right back.
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the wreckage of a small plane that crashed yesterday and killed three people has finally been removed from the lagoon. >> we're sending the whole day getting the aircraft out of how the program in day starting to walk off the view of the plane because it is a sensitive touching plan of where they are removing the bodies. you concede the tail wing over there. it the plain is right on the shore and
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you can see a black target. that is where they are removing the body and that flatbed truck is where they're going to put the plane. the beach is some video from earlier today. this is what they had to do to get it out of there. they had to put full bags on the plane oedipal the dead of mud and then they towed over to this side of the luggage. it was an arduous task as a fund removed it. once this plane once upon a flat bed and the bodies are removed the plan will descend into the transportation board will examine it to see what caused the crash. there is more work to be done. a couple of engine parts and other debris under the water. there was a lot of damage that broke apart. for now what is going on is people are on monday of the north shore and they are doing the task of removing the bodies from the plain. could be a couple of hours before all of this is done and the plain is
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finally taken off to sacramento. reporting live by a crisp works for kron4 news. >> with this crumple a helicopter that landed upside down in salinas just after 6 this morning. it is boy killed labor day weekend traffic for three hours. concede officer on the scene. the helicopter is used to spray pesticides across farms. there was no pesticide on board. we'll show you what happened gobblers. it took off from of the municipal off part and the pilot was heading west. he believes to be camp disoriented. he had converted coat, loss control and crashed. it was three-quarters of a mile away. no cards were hit. the pilot had minor injuries. >> take a look at the extended
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forecast. on labor day weekend there's a bit warm up here will topple the more about the roller coaster for coz coming up in a few minutes.
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barely anyone believe. we do not with the watches or the warnings they had been dropped from long island to maine. >> hi say >> their shelter from the storm. if the winds are strong they're quite to the stock. there were edition of the bridges of get up early. >> not everybody is right from the storm. >> like for the suns san owner
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says his biggest hope is that it did bring some big waves. still this is the hurricane. and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affected by earl blows are probably thinking >> i do not like him. >> the damage was minimal and no injuries were reported and the eastern seaboard was downgraded to a category one with max wins at 80 mi. an hour. >> it is one of the risks you take. >> the power of hurricane earl was clear in south carolina went to out men on board were urged courts to jump off just in the nick of time. the wave slammed into to. the two sailors were not injured but his bruised and shaken. >> we have more incredible pictures coming in from
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hurricane earl. look at these powerful than doing it sideways. this is from the wind. they got pounded by heavy winds and rain. look at the flooding in new york today. you concede the cars tried to make history. this woman is a north carolina on highway 12 and this is an fresco. she is dragging out workbench back to her home. it floated away in the middle of this. the unseal the sandbags in north carolina. >> a very different picture here fog in the foreground. art inland spots and cooler in the
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north they always cloying to 63 in san francisco. 74 and 85. it's continuing to cool down this weekend at least saturday this weekend and the forecast for the sea breeze mense are born to pick up. and read their which schools are temperatures off. it's clear the push of winter inland spots but are reversal in the lance the sea breeze will die off on the day monday and will be one dry wind. the temperature is 93 inland 84 on the bay shore at the close prayed before we talk more about the weekend let's talk about tomorrow. on fog tracker the fog is extending into delta and there is a little bit more extension and all little slower to kill back. at 7:00 in the morning it is still pressure get rid leadbelly's little bit later on in the morning the fog will all live back to the coastline where it will stay. temperatures
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are low but cooler. they're cooler each day. 67 san francisco. 72 and oakland adair inland spots into upper 80s. our warmest location appeared 70's to the bay shore and for the most part 63 along the coast. that is just the start of the cooling critic continues in descended but on labor day monday it is not a bad day all to get out side and enjoy the nice weather cleared it is not wood to be too stifling or to chile. it is about perfect as we head into next week it will be cool in in-store appeared record to see tuesdays and thursdays will average. it's setting on to the upturn as we head into the weekend. >> another look at the traffic. this is what crunch where in start, who backed up. this is the 68024 exchanges global direction said appeared will be right back.
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head of the long holiday wait and stocks ended higher today.
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the dow was up by 127 and the nasdaq at 34 points. over four days set added 100 points. i mix on the unemployment rate's a it was in august for the first time in four months. 9.6% to and from 9.5 in july. increase thing of hiring from private owners of the number people are looking for work. the jobs report is positive but not enough. more needs to be done for the economy. >> where board to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing include the extending of tax cuts for the middle class where it is potential for a job growth that the greatest. we will be discussing these details in more time. right now we have the responsibility to do right now
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is to lift up our small businesses which accounted for over 60 percent of job losses in the month of last year. that is why once again i am calling on congress to pass on the small business job bill when he is backing this session last month. >> easily to extend the bill which will more than double what they can borrow to grow their businesses. >> gates arrived in afghanistan. the president is meeting with the general. he told u.s. troops there is a rough road ahead in the battle against the insurgents. he is wanting his country's security forces against the war remaining american troops serious he has extended support to iraqi police
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as long as they do not fight along americans. there is of gold that will be ending the u.s. presidency. they're still soldiers in our rock and they're they're primarily to train and support the rockies. we have a programming change to tell you about for tonight. nbc will air the giants games of kron4 news will be showing at dateline. and at 10:00 p.m. with a special edition of kron4 news. the w w e smack them is to saturday night pierce
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live this is kron4 news at 530. >> 5530 information keeps coming in about the man behind a multiple murders. this is a picture of of ron. he is connected to out the murder of his girlfriends in the trend. two of her friends and at least one of her male house mates.

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